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JW Industrial Partners serve both clients and candidates to further businesses, careers, and the industries at large. 



JW Industrial Partners start each cSearch effort by helping clients craft a story that captures the values, culture, and vision that set them apart from other career opportunities. Not only are these narratives central to attracting the attention of top performers, but they also allow top-tier candidates the opportunity to envision a future in the role.

Diligent research to develop candidate profiles and cSearch reports that empower private equity teams, board members, investors, and owners to make informed hiring decisions

Proactive and responsive stakeholder engagement to ensure those decisions are made together, with consensus, and in the best interest of each business’ future

Careful efforts to craft a winning narrative that reflects the trajectory of each business and resonates with top performing talent

Detailed understanding of competitive compensation data helping clients and candidates build a foundation for mutually-beneficial and highly collaborative partnership


Professional Search


Impact players are found throughout organizations, including in some of the most complex, specialized roles of their industries. JW Industrial Partners takes pride in understanding the nuances of the industries we serve so that we can help partners locate, consider, and hire professionals with both experience and expertise.

Targeted searches for niche players around the world and across multiple industries

Access to an extensive candidate network built over 30 years

Time-tested candidate vetting process

Awareness and understanding of the unique operational and cultural needs of multi-national teams

professional search

Contract Staffing


The ability to identify, act on, and seize competitive opportunity is a hallmark of successful business. JW Industrial Partners helps businesses stay agile to new opportunities with a range of highly responsive technical contract solutions:

On-site contractors

Access to a vast technical contract workforce

Project-by-project contract plans

Streamlined back office system

contract staffing
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